What I do

  • web design
  • front-end dev
  • ux design
  • identity design
  • project management

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Last year we (NoTwelve) had the pleasure of working with one of the most easy going and highly driven new producer/DJ in the Central Valley. The issue was simple: he needed an identity. A couple years...


Internet and (my) Reality

When the internet service was unexpectadly severed from my existence as I finally made it home from work I began to wonder how much impact that this incredibly simple tool had on my daily life. I must...


Fifty-Nine Days

What do computer monitors, TV screens, mobile devices, banners, cupcakes, and enthusiasm have in common? All of them were boldly displayed at 59 Days of Code showcase last Saturday. Excited voices buz...


Gear Head

10 weeks is a mighty long time for anything... In 10 weeks I produced 10 unique illustrations for you fine people to adorn your work-space with, and now I must rest... For, at least, a week. "Gear Hea...



Last week's abduction illustration got me thinking about the aliens that seem to (purely from the accounts of people who claim to have been "abducted") come whenever they please (apparently at night)...


Warp Speed 1.0

We often speak of "warp speed" in jokes and hypothetical situations. Lets take a step back and really think about "warp speed" and what would it feel like. Since the majority of people reading this ri...


Carpe Diem

Having a difficult time at work? Need some inspiration to turn your otherwise and seemingly lack luster day into a Don Draper moment? Well, we can't promise a turn-of-a-dime inspiration moment that s...


Third Space

"Third Space" is the first Pixelnaut Press original to feature our brand in an "up front and personal" manner. We understand that doing this kind of work in different styles is very popular and expec...