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Designing With Sass Modules

Earlier this year I was a little bit caught off guard when I read a very long and detailed post introducing Sass modules. If you haven't read it already and you author css with Sass, I urge you to get...

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Making Time

I don’t know if you’re ever struck with a great idea while you’re in the shower but it seems to happen to me more often than not these days. Between family life, work life, unpredictable issues with t...

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Rest Easy Mr Dexter

To know and love a dog is to enrich your life beyond anything you can imagine. Dogs are a special breed of beings who are one part wolf, one part human, and inifinite parts filled with love and loyalt...

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Migrating from Gulp 3 to Gulp 4

So I was updating some of my projects and noticed that Gulp has a new stable version... This can't be real! It hasn't happened in half a decade... When it comes to updating anything I tend to move cau...

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Copy to Clipboard

A few years ago I finally figured out that "mailto:" was deprecated by (almost) all browsers. This is embarassing because I should be on top of such things BUT in my defense I deal with that link-styl...

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Extend Background SASS Mixin

Have you ever run into this problem? The footer is designed beautifully but you just don't have enough content in the body to push the stuff far enough down the page that the footer sits flush with th...

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Happy New Date Range!

Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes you make that same mistake in more than one place. Sometimes you make an amateur mistake that you wish that you would have caught before starting a New Year sel...

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Post Entry Process - Brief History

Back in the day, like way back when the iPhone gen 1 was announced and Lucky Strike cigarettes ("It's Toasted") were still sold in the USA, I started to experiment with writing my thoughts and things...