Seven months ago we had a crazy idea. Perhaps it wasn’t as crazy of an idea as flying to the Moon and back, but we knew that from the feeling of the creative rush that we were experiencing… it wouldn’t be much different from conquering outer space.

As we discussed the various topics that we had always wanted to write about, it struck us that we couldn’t just slap together another blog; we needed to create something much larger and much more involved. Because of our shared passion for design, technology, and a mutual understanding that creativity drives innovation and business as much as monetary incentives we set out on a path to create and deliver an online publication that we would want to read every day.

To be a designer in this day and age is a very exciting and sometimes downright frightening experience. With the focus of attention drifting more and more to the digital environment and away from the more comfortable print applications our entire ecosystem has been rearranged, and it only took a few years. Most professionals, developers and designers alike, embrace this movement and spearhead the drive for a brighter and beautifully pixellated future. Some professionals are feeling uneasy by this change and most students are left looking around wide-eyed trying to learn the core principles while keeping up to date with the latest and greatest innovations to hit the market (which they will eventually design and develop for).

On the other hand, we have the engineers and manufacturers that have ushered in the era of personal computers that fit into our pockets and endless arrays of little, medium, wedge-shaped, black screens that we spend 90% of our days looking at. The general trend for web development is nothing less than sophisticated compared to the awkward Geocities days. The media is not only abundant but is unanimously judged by our collective online existence. Creativity does not only belong in this age, it thrives on our fast paced lives to achieve that one rarely reached goal: to get you to stop and stay awhile.

We are here now at the cusp of communication perfection. Travel with us through the new and uncharted territories of the ultimate crossroads of creative and technological advances. Walk with us as we boldly examine the new frontier.

Welcome home, Pixelnaut. - Pixelnaut Press Original